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The Problems with Paper Forms

Dealing with paper forms manually is a slow process. Forms would need to be sent out to your customers/clients, if they are not available for download from your business website. Then your business would wait without knowing if and when your customers would fill out the form, and post it back. Once your business received the forms, they would need to be transcribed to a database system for recording keeping, as well as needed to be filed. This is assuming that the forms received are legible, correctly filled out, and has all the inputs that you required. Paper forms are prone to human errors, such as:

  • missing required data
  • illegiblebusiness 3
  • wrong data, and even
  • incomplete

These problems could create significant burden on your business, as your business/organisation faces with

  • a slow and inefficient manual process
  • an error prone method of collecting data
  • a labour intensive and double handling process
  • a slow-to-revenue recognition

All of which are not helping your business at all.

The Benefits of Online Forms

With properly designed Online Form, and backend process, your business can expect to
business 2

  • Have Faster Turn-around Times – form submission and processing are more efficient, with the right process
  • Improve Efficiency – your organisational no longer needs to manually process received forms, thus improving business process efficiency.
  • have Errors-Free form – Your online form can be built to verify inputs for correct entries, thus preventing potential errors when your customer fills out the form online.
  • Improve Customer Experience – Online forms, built properly, can and will provide a better interaction experience for your customers.
  • Achieve Faster Time to Revenue – online payment can be incorporated in the form, thus providing your customers an easy, secured and convenient way to pay online. There is no such thing as ‘waiting for a cheque in the mail’ anymore.

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